Job Opportunities

Full Time Employment

There are only eight full time employees at the Koger Center, plus another five that are shared with the Carolina Coliseum, and full time job opportunities occur infrequently at the Koger Center. All full time employees are State Employees in classified positions. Vacant positions are advertized through the USC Job Line, 777-5627. To be eligible for employment at the Koger Center, a prospective candidate will need some professional theatre experience or trade skills whichever is appropriate for the position in question.

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Part Time Technical Crew

Part time technical crew are called according to the needs of the production. Calls are made based on seniority, availability, and ability to perform the task required. It is necessary to reapply each year for a part time crew position. Contact Julie Carter, 777-5113, in the Business office at the Carolina Coliseum, Room 402 for an application.

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Part Time Concessions Workers

The Koger Center concessions workers are employed in the same manner as part time technical crew. Contact Michael Jennings, 777-8503, at the Williams Brice Stadium for an application.

Part Time Front Of House Staff

All candidates for employment in the Front of House Department must be students at the University of South Carolina. Students may be undergraduates, or seeking masters or Ph.D degrees. Applicants should apply to Jean Weingarth at 777-7500.

All front of House positions are filled as the need for staff arises. Once employed, students set their own hours at monthly sign-up meetings. Female staff are required to wear either a dark blue, black, or gray skirt & white blouse. Men are required to wear dark blue, black, or gray trousers and a white shirt. The Koger Center provides bow ties, cummerbunds, and name tags.

Part Time Medical & Security

The Koger Center employs a nurse at most events held within the building. Qualified individuals are invited to contact Charles Severance at 803-315-1384 for additional information.

The Koger Center also employs a number of bluecoats at each performance. Contact Charles Severance at 803-315-1384 for further information.

Part Time Maintenance Staff

Usually, we hire three students to assist the building maintenance engineer, Glynn Fulmer. Interested parties are invited to telephone Glynn at 777-6776 to check on employment opportunities in this department..

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